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Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) refers to an equipment which is used to perform  testing of produced items in an assembly line. NCN Offers testing solutions for electronic modules, sub-systems and systems. NCN has the  expertise and vast knowledge in building  reliable and rugged ATE to test electronic products.

Today you can get much more value out of your test station and lower instrument costs with a flexible fixturing approach. Consider adding more  intelligencein the test development and  into fixtures to make them multipurpose to suit your needs as your products change and evolve.

NCN Provides strong focus on high value and efficient use of hardware, we design Efficient Test systems that  work with optimized instrument usage, faster testing of  DUT’s through automated test routines, reduce wear and tear, and simplify testing in manufacturing lines. 

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  • Fixture are easy to associate and reliability of the tester is good.
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  • Understanding the customer need and delivering the same.
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