Radio Frequency Test Fixtures

NCN Offers precise RF Shielded chambers for various types of RF product , IOT Product testing.

In RF Testing the signals from the PCB are transmitted  outwards to the test system using an EM-compatible RF chamber.

Based on Client request  we will customise the RF test fixtures  to suit project-specific requirements.An RF test fixture is used to act as an electrical and mechanical interface between the test system and the DUT.

RF Chamber Features:

  • Shielding attenuation frequency domain up to 6 GHz
  • Suitable RF-compatible shielding for RF PCBs
  • Compact Test Fixture inside the chamber
  • Can have multiple fixtures for different products

NCN Offers RF Fixtures/Chambers/Enclosures for clients in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderbad, Delhi.

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  • Fixture are easy to associate and reliability of the tester is good.
  • User friendly design
  • Understanding the customer need and delivering the same.
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