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Welcome to NCN Technologies


Excellence: Shaping Tomorrow's Manufacturing"

From Humble Beginnings to Engineering Excellence: The NCN Technologies Journey

In 1989, in the bustling city of Bangalore, a group of passionate engineers embarked on a mission. They envisioned a future where technology would seamlessly integrate with manufacturing, revolutionizing the industry. This vision gave birth to NCN Technologies.

With unwavering dedication, NCN Technologies quickly became synonymous with engineering precision and innovation. Our journey from those early days has been nothing short of remarkable.

We started by crafting In-circuit test fixtures with meticulous care, ensuring compatibility with leading ICT systems. Over the years, our expertise expanded, and we ventured into Functional Test Fixtures, Special Purpose Machines (SPM), and Industrial Automation. We realized that our role was not just providing products; it was about delivering solutions that transformed manufacturing.

Our commitment to excellence led us to develop advanced test programs, tailored for the Agilent 3070 family of In-Circuit Testers. These programs offered the highest fault coverage and fastest cycle times, setting new industry standards.

NCN Technologies wasn't just about technology; it was about empowering product manufacturers. We began manufacturing SPM, enabling comprehensive production lines from conceptual ideas. Our design and drafting solutions breathed life into mechanical components and industrial equipment, meeting shop floor requirements with precision.

The journey didn't stop there. We diversified our offerings with diverse test fixtures, custom designs, and PCB fixture adapters. Our representation of Checksum products and services in India catapulted us into the forefront of technology, providing our clients access to state-of-the-art solutions.

Today, NCN Technologies is not just a company; it's a symbol of innovation and commitment. Our journey is a testament to our dedication to engineering excellence, quality, and sustainability. We've received awards, formed partnerships, and embraced our role as a responsible corporate citizen.

As we continue to shape the future of manufacturing, our story is a reminder that passion, dedication, and innovation are the driving forces behind NCN Technologies. We invite you to be a part of this extraordinary journey as we transform possibilities into realities.

Building a Computer

"NCN Technologies: Your Partner in Precision
PCB Testing"

Guiding Principles:

Our Mission

To empower global innovation through precision engineering and cutting-edge technology. We believe that innovation knows no borders and that the solutions to our world's challenges are most impactful when they are inclusive, collaborative, and diverse.


Precision & Excellence: We strive for precision and excellence in all that we do. We embrace challenges with dedication and commitment, delivering the highest quality solutions.

Innovation & Adaptability: We foster a culture of continuous innovation, always seeking new ways to improve and adapt to the ever-evolving global landscape.

Collaboration & Diversity: We celebrate diversity as a source of strength, collaborating with talents from every corner of the world to create inclusive solutions.

Global Citizenship: We believe in the power of global citizenship. We respect and honor the unique perspectives and cultures of individuals worldwide, working together to make the world a better place.

Our Team.

At NCN Technologies, our leadership team is the driving force behind our innovation. Get to know the experts shaping the future of manufacturing.

basavaraj nagagouda.jpg

Basavaraj Nadagouda

Managing Director

NCN Technologies is on a mission to help manufacturing companies automate their production efficiently to help them enhance productivity & increase profitability

amith nagagouda.jpg

Amith Nadagouda

Business Development Mgr

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