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PCB Test Solutions

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NCN Technologies – Bangalore,  offers In-circuit Test Fixtures, Functional Test Fixtures & software, Industrial Automation for manufacturing facilities in India.

The company has been providing total engineering services for testing since 1989. We have the technological expertise backed by able manpower and infrastructure to manufacture a whole range of In-circuit test fixtures for Agilent 3070 ICT , Teradyne Z1800 ICT, TRI ICT fixtures, Okano ICT fixtures, Checksum ICT fixtures, JET fixtures, MDA Fixtures.  NCN also offers Turnkey solutions designed for production testing, our solutions are optimized for throughput, reliability, repeatability, and cost.

Functional test systems are delivered with complete documentation facilitating rapid deployment and maintenance of the equipment. Labview  PCB Testing applications for production environment.

NCN Technologies provides turn-key test program development and fixture fabrication services for the Agilent 3070 family of In-Circuit Testers. With a highly trained and experienced test engineers we provide advanced In-Circuit test programs with highest fault coverage and fast cycle time.

  • Test Fixtures of in various sizes, styles and configurations

  • Dual-Well, double side access and multi-stage fixtures

  • Custom test fixture designed for unique applications

  • PCB Test fixture adapters , interfaces, translators

We represent checksum products and services in India.

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