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Precision Testing for Peak Performance and Reliability

In the rapidly evolving electronics industry, ensuring the functionality and reliability of printed circuit boards (PCBs) is paramount. NCN Technologies offers cutting-edge PCB Functional Test Fixtures designed to meet this critical need. Our fixtures are engineered to provide comprehensive testing solutions, enabling manufacturers to verify the functional performance of their PCBs under real-world conditions.

Our PCB Functional Test Fixtures

Advanced Testing for Every Detail

Our PCB Functional Test Fixtures are developed with precision and adaptability in mind, capable of accommodating a wide range of PCB sizes and complexities. From simple boards to complex multi-layered assemblies, our fixtures are equipped to handle detailed testing requirements, ensuring every component functions as intended.

Key Features
  • High Precision Contacts: Ensure reliable and consistent connection with test points, even on densely packed boards.

  • Customizable Interface: Tailored to fit the specific layout and testing needs of your PCBs, our fixtures can be customized for an array of test environments.

  • Integrated Test Software: Comes with intuitive test software that simplifies the setup and execution of functional tests, providing clear and actionable results.

  • Durability for High Volume Testing: Built to withstand the rigors of high-volume testing environments, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.


Our PCB Functional Test Fixtures are ideal for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Consumer electronics

  • Automotive electronics

  • Aerospace and defense systems

  • Medical devices

  • Telecommunications equipment

The Importance of PCB Functional Testing

Functional testing is crucial in the PCB manufacturing process, serving as a final verification step to ensure that each component performs correctly in its intended operation. It helps in detecting defects that might have been overlooked during earlier testing stages, reducing the risk of failures in the final product.

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